• Despite the fact that the wooden floor is the undisputed leader among all types of floors, old crunchy boards are able to pass through the entire effect of the new interior. That is why the covered repair ends the restoration or replacement of the base. The choice of modernly finished floors is very broad. This laminate and linoleum, and the carpet. They can be contacted out directly on the old floor, but in deciding on this, many face problems such as the removal of the wood floor crunching and leveling. That is about alignment and will be discussed in this article.

    So if you need to align the floor before paving laminate or linoleum, or you can dispense with this work, since the new coating safely hide all the defects of the age of the prying eyes? Unfortunately, it is not. Even the most durable coating, placed on curved broken planks, very quickly lose their ideal shape and, consequently, their maximum brightness. If the plank soft coating, then it is allowed to base the difference in height of no more than 1 mm. Laminar However, even with such a small difference can swell.

    Aligning or leveling floors for hardwood needs to have the following things:

    In today's construction market there are many ways to align the wooden floor, but the most popular are the following:

    1. floor leveling compound for wood
    2. leveling of plywood floor
    3. leveling putty based on PVA
    4. the leveling of self-leveling compounds
    scraping the ground.

    Aligning the wooden floor with your hands - noun process as complex as it initially seems. With this work, following certain rules, which can be handled by almost anyone with basic knowledge to work with the tools.

    Aligning The Wooden Floor with Plywood

    Plywood - this is one of the most convenient materials for soil leveling. It can help you get a perfectly flat surface is rough, it is absolutely suitable for any surface finish, lifting the floor by only 20-30 mm. In addition, the alignment of the wooden floor with the plywood is easy, fast and economical.
    The perfect alignment is a wooden floor under the linoleum. Leveling floors for hardwood should be easy too, if you do not have a veneer over your wooden floors.

    Prepare For The Completion Of Work

    The moisture content of the wood veneers, designed for leveling work, should be the same as the total humidity level in the room. This can be accomplished by lightly moistening both sides of a sheet of water and standing in a room for two days. You ma need to be patient especially if you have a large area of wooden floors that need to be aligned.

    Be sure to check the total plywood stacking status of all public utilities, located under the ground, because after that to get here it will be very problematic, and make sure there is sufficient air circulation in the underground space. There are a ton of other wooden materials that each need special procedures as well.

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